Athletic Health

Stay in the game

Dr. Tako uses a unique combination of traditional chiropractic in conjunction with advanced functional neuro-muscular modulation techniques that allow to quickly pinpoint and correct the root causes of pain or dysfunction.

Through regenerative nutrition, we help your organs function at their best for your optimal performance.

We understand that the body is a system where each part of the body affects other areas, and we strive to help your body achieve harmony and balance. When the body functions harmoniously, pain stops and dysfunction dissipates.

Gabriel Marangoni. 2 times No Gi Jui-Jitsu World Champion 2021, 2022

At The Chiropractic Way, we are pleased to care for athletes in every sport and every level, for athletes interested in achieving optimal performance as well as those who endured sports injuries.

With regular care, we help you improve athletic performance, enhance overall well-being, and we help you stay in the game.

Injury recovery

We understand that injuries are common in sports, whether it is caused by trauma or overuse. At the Chiropractic Way, through the combination of various techniques like chiropractic adjustments, neuro-receptor modulation therapy, and EPAT®/Shock Wave therapy, we look for the root cause of the injury, correct it, and treat it. This combination of therapies allows for a true, fast, and lasting recovery so you can go back to doing the sport you love.

When I first came to Dr. Tako I was 8 months post surgery from a repair to the entire lateral compartment of my knee. The progress I made with Dr. Tako over the next couple months was outstanding. Dr. Tako not only helped speed up the recovery process of my knee, he also fixed a number of issues surrounding the knee, most specifically my hamstring. He showed me how the whole body is connected and that one ailment could drastically affect another body part. Dr. Tako is cutting-edge with his diverse and effective methods of healing. He is the miracle worker!”

-Nick Jones. Football player. L.A .Rams.