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Chronic Pain

Don’t let pain keep you from living a comfortable life.

If you have a long experience of migraines, headaches, or back pain and it’s stopping you from doing what you enjoy, we are here to help with your chronic dysfunction and get you back to enjoy what you love in life.


Improve the function of your body with proper nutrition and lifestyle counseling.

If you’re struggling with constant fatigue, indigestion, heartburn, bloating, constipation, or other organic problems, we have holistic nutritional products to help support your body and eliminate waste and toxins that are preventing you from feeling your best.


Receive gentle prenatal and postpartum chiropractic care.

Many pregnant women experience low back pain, hip pain, or other physical discomforts during their pregnancy. Others experience physiological symptoms like morning sickness, pica, fluid retention, or insatiety. We are here to help relieve your physical stress through structural correction and also support your body through holistic nutrition.

Sports & Fitness

Relieve pain and regain function after a sports injury.

Athletes require balance and stability in their body to prevent them from injuries. We love to help athletes feel and perform their best, no matter the sport. However, sometimes injuries do occur. Whether you have a concussion, tendon rupture, ligament tear, or any other type of injury, we would love to help you return to your sport symptom free.

What our patients have to say

Meet our team

Dr. Meir Tako, DC, CCSP

Dr. Tako combines over 20 years of experience in chiropractic with his ability to think outside the box in order to deliver results for his patients. He goes beyond the simple chiropractic adjustment, incorporating kinesiology, functional neurology, muscle testing, and nutritrional techniques in order to quickly identify the root cause of each patient’s complaint and help them return to their normal lives.

Nessia Starr, Nutritionist

Nessia practices Integrative & Functional Nutrition and is a Holistic Health Coach. She looks at the whole biological system and considers every aspect of one’s health when giving nutritional recommendations. Her focus is on identifying the root cause and imbalance to improve patient health. She takes a holistic approach and offers nutritional support using whole food supplements, herbs, diet and lifestyle recommendations.