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“When I first came to Dr. Tako I was 8 months post surgery from a repair to the entire lateral compartment of my knee. The progress I made with Dr. Tako over the next couple months was outstanding. Dr. Tako not only helped speed up the recovery process of my knee, he also fixed a number of issues surrounding the knee, most specifically my hamstring. He showed me how the whole body is connected and that one ailment could drastically effect another body part. Dr. Tako is cutting edge with his diverse and effective methods of healing. He is the miracle worker!”

Nick J. – Professional Football Player

“I was referred to Dr. Tako by my acupuncturist to help me with pregnancy related sciatic pain. Dr. Tako has been extremely helpful in relieving my pain and has spent extra time with me on many visits to ensure I feel better after each treatment. He has a friendly bedside manner and truly cares about his patients. I would recommend him to pregnant patients trying to find relief from pregnancy related aches and pains.”

Jennie B.

“I began going to Dr. Tako in my first trimester with my first baby. I had pelvic pain that limited my walking and made sleeping uncomfortable. At first I was not sure what to think of what he did but quickly came to see that his adjustments did in fact make me feel better. As my body changed, different aches would come and he knew how to adjust as well as help my hips and spine be well aligned to help my baby. I also told him about my hungers I went through. Dr. Tako worked his magic and found the exact supplements I was low on. I had more energy and was able to tame my hunger since I was getting the right vitamins and minerals. My daughter was born a healthy 9 lbs. Her position was just right for birth too. I have Dr. Tako to thank for a lot of my birth preparation. He is great! Thank you Dr. Tako!”

Tatiana M.

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